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  1. Cobra Super Ultimate on 2009 212x Yamaha

    Cobra Super Ultimate Steering

    MSRP: $259.99

    Buy Direct Discount Price only $199.99


    MSRP: Single-Engine: $259.99 Twin-Engine: $519.99

    Buy Direct Discount Price: 
       -- Single-Engine: $199.99
       -- Twin-Engine: $399.99

    Our newest SUPER Ultimate Steering system for ALL Yamaha twin engine models without an articulating keel and all single engine models with or without a keel and rudder up to and including 2018 models.  The Super Ultimate features increased fin surface on the top rear portion of the fin for even more slow speed steering influence in both forward and reverse and is based on our MOST POPULAR fully adjustable, and selectable steering.

    **In 2019, Yamaha introduced a new nozzle and reverse gate on all their jet pumps.

    **For clarification, we have added the "AK-19" designation to the name of any parts built that are compatible with those new 2019 Yamaha models.

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