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Cobra Super Magnum AK-19 and new Super Magnum AK-19 DELUXE steering for 2019 and newer Yamaha Twin Engine Articulating Keel Boats

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MSRP: $479.00

CJS Direct Discounted Price $369.99

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Cobra Super Magnum AK-19 DELUXE Steering System - MOST POPULAR DELUXE VERSION

MSRP: $639.99
Buy Direct Discount Price only $489.99

Cobra Super Magnum AK-19 Steering System

MSRP: $479.99
Buy Direct Discount Price only $369.99

Our newest adjustable Cobra SUPER MAGNUM AK-19 steering for 2019 and newer Yamaha Twin Engine Articulating Keel jet boats.  See below for more details on Super Fins and the new DELUXE version.

To learn about upgrading your existing Magnum AK-19 or Super Magnum AK-19 system to the new DELUXE version, please click HERE.

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Super Magnum AK-19 DELUXE system on a customer's boat

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MSRP: $479.00

Buy Direct Discount Price only $369.99




UPDATE: 2023 and newer SDX 27ft boats with the XD steering system are NOT COMPATIBLE with this product, but ONLY if they have the paddle drive steering.

COBRA SUPER MAGNUM AK-19 steering was specially designed to accommodate the Yamaha nozzle and reverse bucket redesigns for the 2019 and newer model years.  We have completed the changes necessary to provide you with the Magnum AK steering for more control at all speeds from docking to wide open and water sports activities.

Having a keel on the bottom of a jet boat has a tendency to make the boat resist responding instantly to steering input, even with the addition of the rudder at the end of the keel.  This unfavorable tendency increases as the speed of the boat increases.

Our model specific steering system addresses this lack of response to the helm.  It is also adjustable to allow you to set the correct amount of influence for your personal preference.

Our "V" configuration of steering influence compliments the factory rudder with two of our SUPER MAGNUM steering fins attached to the outside of each nozzle to greatly improve your boat's handling and your boating experience.

We also improved on the original factory design by adding a second tie-rod to the left side nozzle for a balanced and even distribution of the workload that both pushes and pulls the rudder from either side to prevent uneven wear on the right side nozzle and steering cable.  To view the easy bolt-on installation process, see the video included with the product pictures above.


New Super Magnum AK-19 steering for Twin Engine 2019 and newer Yamaha jet boats are specially designed fins that increase the steering influence above and beyond the regular Magnum fins capabilities while operating your boat off-plane to provide even more slow speed, forward and reverse steering control.

This is accomplished by increasing the upper portion of the fin without disturbing the original design below the nozzle, as that area affects the high-speed influence.

When the boat is on-plane, only the fin's surface located below the nozzle is in contact with the water.

Once the boat comes off-plane the hull sits much lower in the water.  This allows the upper portion of the fin to make contact with the water joining forces with the lower portion of the fin thus increasing the slow speed influence by utilizing the combined surface area of the entire fin.

Simple and very effective.

Super Magnum AK-19 DELUXE Features

The New Super Magnum AK-19 DELUXE steering package is now being offered as both an upgrade to the existing Super Magnum AK-19 package, and as a very affordable upgrade package for previous Magnum AK-19 and Super Magnum AK-19 steering systems.

The DELUXE upgrade adds inside top fins and a planing surface to the existing Magnum AK-19 and Super Magnum AK-19 steering systems.  The top fins are positioned so that they do not come into play until the boat is off-plane and operating at slow speeds.  The position of the hull when off-plane places these extra fins in the water, and automatically out of the water again once the boat is on-plane.

This automatic increase in fin influence follows suit with the Super Fins above, as both are designed to add more steering influence when needed and automatically change that influence when the boat is on-plane.  The combination of the side fins and the top fins when driving slowly in forward or reverse, driving in minimum or no-wake zones, heavy traffic, wind, waves, or strong currents, docking, or picking up water sports participants from the water provides additional steering influence and makes performing those activities much more accurate, predictable, and responsive.

The additional planing surfaces created by the enlarged side force stabilizer brackets are reported to provide very fast holeshots and a smoother ride in choppy conditions, as well as a cleaner wake behind the boat at planing speed.

Magnum AK-19 DELUXE system  Super Magnum AK-19 Deluxe Keel Side View

 All Cobra Jet Steering systems are protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 6561858, 6702630, 8425269, 10259552, 10843778.

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