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Cobra Venom MAGNUM A.K. Series

Cobra Magnum A K series steering was designed  for the " 24 foot articulating keel models ONLY!"

This system was specifically designed to provide a balanced, clean looking and effective steering enhancement for your 2015 and newer Yamaha 24-foot articulating keel jet boat.

Having a keel on the bottom of a jet boat has a tendency to make the boat resist responding instantly to steering input, even with the addition of the rudder at the end of the keel.  This unfavorable tendency increases as the speed of the boat increases.

Our model-specific steering system addresses this lack of response to the helm.  It is also adjustable to allow you to set the correct amount of influence for your personal preference.

Our V-configuration of steering influence compliments the factory rudder with two of our Magnum steering fins attached to the outside of each nozzle to greatly improve your boating experience.

We also improved on the original factory design by adding a second tie rod to the left side nozzle for a balanced and even workload that both pushes and pulls the rudder from either side to prevent uneven wear on the right side nozzle and steering cable. To view the easy bolt on installation process just click on the link below

Now available for your MAGNUM A.K. steering system:  the Cobra A.K. Series FANGS.  This new, specially-designed upgrade can be added to your Magnum A.K. steering fins to provide a power-steering effect that actually makes turning the wheel easy at any speed.  Plus, this special upgrade will also improve your reverse control and idle-speed handling.

You can add this upgrade to your order for only $39 or order it separately.   Note:  This is a model specific upgrade for the Magnum A. K. steering only!

To view the simple installation process click on the following link