If you want to add more control to your 19 foot rudder boat to assist with trolling or dealing with waves, wind, or strong currents, you will be happy to know that the ULTIMATE system and the MAGNUM system are both compatible with the single rudder setup from Yamaha offered on 2016 models. 

Recent customer review of the ULTIMATE unit on his 19 foot Yamaha F S H with the factory rudder and the ULTIMATE steering system combined.


I took my FSH out on the Halifax river this afternoon for about an hour. It was quite windy and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the steering. It takes much less steering input to initiate a turn (much more responsive), a big improvement at all speeds over stock. I also noticed that I no longer need to saw the wheel left and right to maintain a straight track through all of the no wake zones in the Halifax, it tracks like a prop driven boat if not better. I didn't notice any loss of performance with the fins set to your recommended always down position. I think I will keep them set that way. 

I'll report back after a few more trips under different conditions.

ultimate fhs.jpg