We now offer a special MAGNUM AK Series steering system for the 2015 and newer Yamaha Articulating Keel 24 foot and 21 foot  jet boats.  You may view and order this system here. Having a large keel added to the length of the hull creates some very unique challenges in the handling of the boat.  A keel will resist the steering input from the helm as it keeps the boat traveling in a straight line,making quick directional changes a bit challenging.  The factory system also taxed the right side of the steering system by using only one tie rod connected to the rudder.  We felt that the uneven setup would most likely take its toll on the right side of the steering system over time.   We added a second tie rod from the left side nozzle to the rudder to even it all out and we placed a MAGNUM fin on the outside of each nozzle to increase the steering input for better response at all speeds.  This sets up a unique "V" formation for steering input. Using the MAGNUM fins allows for individual adjustments to meet the precise requirements of each individual boat owner.  We also offer a special power steering and enhanced reverse set of A K FANG upgrades for this system.  The best just keeps getting better!

For customer testimonials and comments on the new Magnum A K steering system check in on the cobra jet steering facebook page we post them as they come in.


Cobra Venom Magnum AK Series with FANGS installed