Now we are offering you a few optional upgrades for your Ultimate or Magnum 16x steering systems., And a special version for our Magnum A K steering system for the Yamaha articulating keel twin-engine jet boats.  

Cobra Venom FANGS can be added to most of the Yamaha jet boat line with the exception of the 19-foot boats that have a factory rudder.  Those models have a variety of steering choices, the Ultimate or Magnum 16x steering systems.  However, the Venom FANGS are not compatible with those 19-foot rudder equipped boat models.  The good news is we now have a new model specific steering system that was designed just for those boats, the CJS VIPER.  The VIPER is equipped with fins, fangs, and a planing surface for faster planing and better hull stability.

Now for the regular no-keel boats including, the 19 foot models, the FANGS can be added to either the Ultimate systems or the Magnum 16x systems.  A separate AK Series FANG system is also available for the newer 21 and 24 foot articulating keel model twin engine jet boats.

So how does it work?  We made a modification to obtain the same benefit as old ships obtained by placing a fin forward of the rudder's pivot point to assist in turning the rudder, or in our case, FINS.  This system also helps to direct the water exiting the bottom of the steering nozzle when the controls are placed in reverse so it handles better while backing at slow speeds.

How it Works...

Take a look on  or on and see the comments about how the FANGS deliver.

Cobra Venom ULTIMATE Steering with FANGS installed.

Cobra Venom Magnum AK Series Steering with FANGS installed.