In early 2016 we began selling our famous Fangs system as an upgrade to our steering systems.

The original Fangs were designed to increase the reverse control of Yamaha jet boats by directing the reverse thrust as it exited the bottom of the steering nozzle.

This design also provided a power steering effect by having the front portion of the Fang extend forward of the pivot point of the steering nozzle to capture energy from the water as it passed by to assist in turning the nozzle and steering fins at speed.

Needless to say, being able to add a power steering effect & improved reverse control at a very low price made these a huge success.

So for that reason we have discontinued the Fangs!  And why would we do that?  Here is why we discontinued the Fangs.

We wanted to make them BIGGER, BETTER, and MORE EFFECTIVE, not only for superb reverse control and more power steering effect but also for maximizing steering control at all speeds!

Yes!  They actually enhance the steering system as well.

The new MEGA FANGS are also compatible with more steering systems including other people's systems.


Once again, we give you more A LOT MORE FEATURES than any other manufacturer so you can receive the most features and benefits offered by anyone at any price.

FIRST, lets' look at the MAGNUM AK steering system we offer for the articulating keel twin engine jet boats.

The Magnum AK steering provides a set of tempered aluminum adjustable steering fins to work in conjunction with the factory rudder.  This creates a "V" formation to keep them up away from the lowest point of your boat ,the factory rudder.

We place the fins off to the side of each nozzle for better exposure to the water as it flows under the boat allowing them to provide better turning leverage at speed.  Keep in mind this system works at all speeds, not just at idle.  This in itself is worth twice the price.  

Magnum AK steering provides you with improved steering for docking or operating in no wake mode, as well as for water sports and rough conditions at planing speeds because this is a REAL ALL-TIME STEERING ENHANCEMENT.

We do offer a very inexpensive set of Magnum AK Fangs for reverse and power steering, utilizing one per nozzle.

Or, you may choose to go ALL IN on a setup of the new AK MEGA FANGS system in place of the standard AK Fangs set.

This MEGA FANGS system utilizes a base plate mounted below the nozzle with locking tabs and two MEGA FANGS per nozzle rather than only one.

This setup provides the maximum effect for power steering, excellent reverse control, more stopping power in reverse when docking, and more concentrated reverse thrust for backing off trailers or boat lifts.

A reverse that operates in a true reverse fashion providing you with steering like you expect reverse to steer, so you already know how to use it.

This system focuses the reverse thrust as it exits the reverse opening of the nozzle  so the force of the reverse thrust is more concentrated and more direct, therefore more effective.

And the added steering effect at all speeds is another additional benefit of the MEGA FANGS System .

Our Magnum AK steering system also adds a second tie rod to your boat's steering, for good reason.  The steering cable, helm, and nozzle all support the operation of the large rudder at the center of the boat.  The factory system operates off only one side, thus placing a lot of extra wear and stress on that side.

Understanding that a steering cable provides a push and a pull when it operates and that the PULL is most often when a cable will break, having a system that operates equally and distributes the work load to twice the mechanical components as well as adding in redundancy just makes good sense.  This is especially true since the factory rudder is prone to striking the ground when beached or operating in shallow water.  Any serious side impact to the rudder can be transferred to the steering system so dividing the stress is a much better idea.

We offer the second tie rod in the Magnum AK Steering package as a complete upgrade to your original factory system.  We also sell it by itself.

You would think all this:  Steering, tie-rod and MEGA FANGS combined would be VERY expensive!

However, the entire system purchased through this web page is only $544.99, including free priority shipping in the continental U S A.  Remember, that price covers the steering, the tie-rod, and the MEGA FANGS!  


NEXT, we have the MEGA FANGS System for the ULTIMATE steering.  This set is compatible with the existing steering base plates that contain the 4 small mounting holes, making this system even less expensive while providing ALL THE SAME FEATURES previously mentioned!  This MEGA FANGS upgrade is only $84.99 for a single nozzle setup or $169.99 for the twin engine setup and free shipping in the continental USA .

The complete cost for the ULTIMATE Steering system including the MEGA FANGS is only $539,99 with free shipping in the continental USA.

One important note:  Unfortunately, MEGA FANGS cannot be used on 19-foot boats with the original factory rudder system.  However, the ULTIMATE Steering system (without MEGA FANGS) or the VIPER steering system (which has fangs built in) are both compatible with those models.


ALSO, the MAGNUM 16X Steering systems with the base plates made with the 4 small holes for mounting are compatible with the MEGA FANGS and those also receive the same benefits as mentioned above. 

This system with the MEGA FANGS included on a twin engine setup is $493.98.  Once again, you receive the same benefits previously mentioned.

Even the VIPER NK and VIPER N K 2 can accept the mega fangs for an additional $84.99 making the total cost for both only $243.98  with free shipping in the continental USA.


So what about compatibility with the plastic fins that are made by other people?. Other that the 19 foot keel models, this MEGA FANGS setup will fill in the voids in the slow speed steering and reverse areas.  It will also remove the wander you still experience with the plastic parts.  Unfortunately, it won't delete the huge intrusiveness of those fins hanging down too far, although it may assist with the fin wobble often experienced at high speed with the plastic fins.

If you want the best steering for your boat, upgrading to one of our steering systems is recommended.

That upgrade actually happens quite often with great reviews from people once they install and try one of our systems.

People with the huge plastic part-time fins installed on a 19-foot keel boats may wish to convert to the VIPER Steering system for all the benefits that system offers that style of boat at the very affordable price of only $159.00  including free shipping in the continental USA.