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Welcome to the home of Cobra Jet Steering

where making jet boats and PWCs more versatile, more practical, and a lot more FUN has been our MISSION since 2001!

EZ locks thrust vectors 
If you own a jet-propelled watercraft and you are looking for more control, increased maneuverability, and better handling at ALL SPEEDS from DOCKING to WIDE OPEN THROTTLE, even OFF-POWER, you have come to the right place!  Putting a smile on your face when you or a loved one operates your JET BOAT or PWC is our PASSION!

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Cobra Jet Steering puts the FUN back in your jet-powered watercraft

Cobra Jet Steering greatly enhances your existing steering. Our latest designs are the most effective and versatile steering ever offered. You can pay more, but you can't get more!  OUR MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE allows us to offer you steering enhancements SECOND TO NONE!

IF you don't have a SMILE ON YOUR FACE when operating your jet boat or PWC, IT PROBABLY ISN'T EQUIPPED WITH COBRA JET STEERING!

US Patents 6561858, 6702630, 8425269, 10259552 and 10843778  

Results may vary with  application .

If you don't find the product you are looking for, are not sure which product you need, or would simply like more information, please contact me at or (727) 546-8460.

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