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These quality Cobra Jet Steering products are specifically designed for your Yamaha Jet Boat.


If you don't find the product you are looking for, are not sure which product you need, or would simply like more information, please contact me at or (727) 546-8460.


AK-19 Series
 These systems are built for the redesigned nozzles and reverse buckets of model year 2019 and NEWER Yamaha Jet Boats


NEW! Cobra SUPER ULTIMATE AK-19 Steering for 2019 and NEWER model 19ft Yamaha Jet Boats
Cobra Venom Ultimate AK-19

FITS 2019 model year and newer Yamaha Single Engine jet boats ONLY!

Due to Yamaha redesigning the nozzles and reverse buckets starting with the 2019 models, we have the newest AK-19 versions to provide you with the ULTIMATE steering for more control at all speeds from docking to wide open and water sports activities.

This system offers all the features and benefits of the original Ultimate steering with a wider and more effective stance to be compatible with the new 2019 and newer nozzle designs. Fully adjustable, selectable, and spring-loaded this system is built from the same tempered aluminum for strength and effectiveness with a low profile.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra SUPER Ultimate AK-19 steering.


NEW Cobra SUPER MAGNUM AK-19 Steering for 2019 and NEWER model year Yamaha Twin Engine Jet Boats ONLY
Cobra Venom MAGNUM AK-19

FITS 2019 and newer model year Yamaha jet boats ONLY!

Due to Yamaha redesigning the nozzles and reverse buckets on all the 2019 and newer models.  The newest AK-19 designations have the important changes necessary to provide you with the Super Magnum AK-19 steering for more control at all speeds from docking to wide open and water sports activities.

This system, like the original, also includes the second tie rod for an even workload and a balanced system.

The new Super Magnum AK-19 system is also compatible with the AK Fangs.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra SUPER Magnum AK-19 steering.


AK Series
 These systems are built for Yamaha Twin Engine Jet Boats built with Articulating Keels - Model Years 2015 through 2018


Cobra SUPER ULTIMATE AK Series Steering for Twin Engine Yamaha Jet Boats with Articulating Keels ONLY
Cobra Ultimate AK Series

New Cobra Super Ultimate AK steering system for 24ft twin-engine articulating keel Yamaha jet boats from model year 2015 to model year 2018 and 21ft. twin-engine articulating keel boats from model years 2017 and 2018.

This system is based on our most popular Ultimate steering system and our  Magnum AK system. This is our largest, most effective, adjustable, selectable, spring-loaded steering system with the second tie-rod included to balance out your original factory steering system. 

The Super Ultimate AK takes the boat to a new level of steering control, it addresses all areas of your boats handling and allows you to choose from a wide variety of steering enhancement settings, starting at idle speeds to high speed and even in off power situations or water sport activities. Great for guest operators also.

This system will transform your twin-engine articulating keel jet boat steering response from sluggish to amazing!

The Super UItimate AK steering system is compatible with the new Mega Fang Plus upgrade for smooth and easy steering at wide open throttle during sharp turns to improved reverse thrust and stopping power in reverse as well as better reverse steering control.

Remember NO other steering system can come close to the steering improvements you will receive with this system!

(NOTE: Ultimate AK steering system pictured at left with optional Mega Fang Plus upgrade)

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra SUPER ULTIMATE AK Series steering.


Cobra SUPER MAGNUM AK Steering for Twin Engine 21ft and 24ft Articulating Keel Yamaha Jet Boats
Cobra Venom Magnum AK Series

The Cobra Super MAGNUM AK system for twin-engine Yamaha jet boats with the Articulating Keel was specifically designed to address the needs of these particular boats.  This system fits model years 2015 - 2018.  Model year 2019 requires the Magnum AK-19 system.

WHAT we did and WHY:  Your AK jet boat has a very large keel down the center of the hull.  This keel resists turning and the faster the boat travels the more it wants to go straight!

Yamaha added a rudder to the back of this keel in an effort to deal with this tendency.    This added keel puts more stress on the steering components (NOZZLE, CABLE, HELM, etc.) and more force was needed to turn the steering wheel at speed.  They added a rack and pinion steering to this boat to make the wheel easier to turn by its operator.  Unfortunately, the turning ratio was greatly increased from a 1/4 turn for a full right or left to a 1/2 turn of the wheel to accomplish the same thing.

The MAGNUM AK system addresses these issues and more.  After all, if you were happy with the handling and steering of the boat you would not be here looking to improve it.

Our Magnum AK system adds two extra fins to the steering system.  These are NOT just slow-speed part-time fins, our system works ALL THE TIME because your boat needs more assistance at ALL speeds.  The fins in conjunction with the factory rudder form a "V" configuration to give an instant response at all speeds cleanly, effectively and predictably.  We also went to great lengths to build a very heavy duty stainless steel tie rod to balance out the work being performed by the nozzles, steering cables, and helm.  This additional tie rod allows your system to push on the steering nozzles and fins AND pull on them, both at the same time.  It also balances out the workload to both sides of the steering helm, nozzles, and the steering cables, and also adds redundancy to your system.  This special system just makes sense.  

We also made a special upgrade called the Magnum AK FANGS for even better reverse, plus a power steering effect.  Check them out below.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra SUPER MAGNUM AK Series Steering.


SurfPointe Re-alignment kit for Magnum / Super Magnum AK and AK-19 models
SurfPoint Kit for AK

SurfPointe fin re-alignment kit for the Cobra Magnum AK, Cobra Super Magnum AK, Cobra Magnum AK-19, and Cobra Super Magnum AK-19 steering systems.

Specially designed for people who are using the SurfPointe setting on their Yamaha articulating keel boats and wish to be capable of resetting the angle of their CJS steering fins to accommodate the nozzles being offset for SurfPointe.

This twin set will easily allow you to have your nozzles set for SurfPointe while repositioning your steering fins to their proper alignment relative to the boat.

Click here for more info or to purchase your SurfPoint Fin Re-alignment Kit.


Other Steering Systems
 These systems are built for other Yamaha Jet Boats - see each model for details


Cobra SUPER ULTIMATE Steering for:
 - ALL 2018 and prior model year SINGLE-ENGINE 19ft Yamaha Jet Boats with or without a rudder
- ALL TWIN-ENGINE Yamaha Jet Boats NOT equipped with an Articulating Keel
Cobra Venom Ultimate Our largest, most popular, tempered aircraft aluminum, laser cut, spring loaded, fully adjustable and selectable steering system. Yes, it's all that and more!  Compatible with most single engine and twin engine Yamaha jet boats, except the newer articulating keel twin engine boats.

This one of a kind system can be set at the level of influence YOU choose to meet your personal needs.

This remarkable system offers so many options that it is easy to see why it is the Super ULTIMATE steering and our most POPULAR system for Yamaha jet boats.

From around the dock to wide open throttle and anywhere in between, including water sports activities.

You set the level of influence that suits your style and needs!

The Super ULTIMATE steering can easily be set to go up at speed or stay in the water at all speeds. YOU decide what works best for YOU.

YOU choose the level of high-speed influence. YOU choose the function!  

The Super ULTIMATE steering features spring-loaded fins for swimmer safety allowing the fins to flip up on contact with any object in the water in either mode, full-time or part-time.

The Super ULTIMATE system comes with the MEGA FANG Plus compatible base plates and is upgradeable to accept the MEGA FANG Plus for even more options at a very affordable price.  So check out our MEGA FANGS upgrade, also listed on this web page.

Quite frankly, there is no other system offered by anyone at any price that can compare to our patented tempered aluminum, laser cut, adjustable, selectable, spring-loaded Super ULTIMATE steering system. 

And, with the MEGA FANG Plus upgrade, you can customize your system to add EXCELLENT reverse control at all speeds, high-speed resistance reduction, and improved stopping ability in reverse, plus OFF power steering control to maintain control even when rapidly reducing your throttle while turning.

If you need full-time steering for water sports or compatibility for wake surfing or super control for guest or multiple drivers this is the ONLY system YOU need. Fresh water/salt water/ lakes/ rivers /streams or the ocean, cruising or water sports, this is the best of the best, so buy your last steering system FIRST.

COBRA SUPER ULTIMATE steering, for Yamaha Single and Twin-Engine jet boats. 
  - Compatible with all Yamaha SINGLE-engine boats including the models with articulating keels.  Note 2019 models require the Ultimate AK-19 version.
  - Compatible with all Yamaha TWIN-engine boats EXCLUDING the articulating keel models.
      -- For these boats, see the Cobra SUPER Ultimate AK or SUPER Magnum AK  or SUPER Magnum AK-19 steering which are specifically designed for those 21 and 24-foot models.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra SUPER ULTIMATE steering.


Cobra SUPER MAGNUM 16x Steering for Yamaha Jet Boats Except Twin Engine Articulating Keel Models
Cobra Venom MAGNUM 16X

Laser-cut adjustable tempered aluminum steering system for most Yamaha jet boats.  
  - You can set the influence to your personal preference.  Get great control at all speeds or just at slow speed depending on how you set the fins.
  - Works on most Yamaha single and twin-engine jet boats with the exception of the 21 and 24-foot articulating keel models.
  - For the twin-engine articulating keel models, see the Cobra Venom MAGNUM AK Series steering above.
  - This steering system is easy to install and easy to afford.  It is even upgradeable with Cobra Mega Fangs Plus for even better reverse control and power steering.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra SUPER MAGNUM 16x steering.


Cobra Venom VIPER Steering for Yamaha Single Engine 19ft Jet Boats (excluding 2019 models)
Cobra Viper

Our newest model-specific CJS VIPER steering system is specially designed for use on the Yamaha 19-foot single-engine jet boats.

We incorporated a much wider stance for increased fin travel to provide more steering input with less depth of the fins, we also built in our latest fang system to be compatible with the factory keel and rudder for a power steering effect and greatly improved reverse control.

Between the fins, we added a planing surface for quicker hole shots, easier planing, and more hull stability in rough conditions.

We are happy to say that this system is very popular.  We also have versions for ALL Yamaha 19 foot NON-KEEL jet boats, the VIPER NK for setups equipped with the new style nozzles and another version called the VIPER NK II for the boats equipped with the early style nozzles.

Note: We do not yet have a VIPER for the newest 2019 yet but we are working on this...

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra Viper Steering.


Steering System Upgrades, Add-ons, & Accessories
 Things you can add to make the best even better


NEW Super Steering Fin Upgrades for Magnum and Ultimate Steering Systems
Super Steering Fin Upgrade

Upgrade your existing system today with our newest Super Steering Fins for all Ultimate and Magnum systems, past and present.

Specially designed fins that increase the steering influence above and beyond the regular Ultimate or Magnum fins capabilities while operating your boat in slow and no wake speeds to provide even more slow speed forward and reverse steering control.

The Super Steering Fins allow you to swap out your regular fins with our latest Super fins without purchasing the entire system!  That is correct, you can upgrade any existing Magnum or Ultimate fins that are currently on your boat.  Super Magnum fins can be used in place of any Magnum system fins currently in use.  Likewise, the Super Ultimate can replace any Ultimate system fins currently in use.    Check out the special pricing offer for our current customers.  These new Super Steering Fins are also compatible with the AK Fangs, Mega Fangs, and Mega Fang Plus systems.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Super Steering Fin Upgrades.


NEW Cobra MEGA FANGS PLUS for Yamaha
Cobra Venom EZ-Locks

MEGA FANGS PLUS are our latest steering system Upgrade.  These specially designed fins mount just below the nozzle using a special base plate that places the fins next to the reverse water exit under the boat.  These MEGA FANGS PLUS direct the reverse thrust to push in a more controlled manner, providing more reverse response in all directions.  This gives you a REAL REVERSE for much more predictable control and confidence when backing in tight places or turning in reverse.  The MEGA FANGS PLUS also add a POWER STEERING effect to your steering system by placing part of the MEGA FANGS PLUS fins forward of the nozzle pivot point, thus using the forward momentum to help turn the steering nozzles and fins with ease at all speeds.

The MEGA FANGS PLUS are compatible with the ULTIMATE, MAGNUM 16X, and MAGNUM AK Steering Systems from Cobra Jet Steering, as well as any SUPER version of those systems.  They are NOT COMPATIBLE with the CJS VIPER Steering System for the single-engine rudder equipped jet boats.  However, they can be added to the non-rudder NK and NK II versions to make up for not having a rudder.

Please note these are not compatible with any 2019 models.

Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra MEGA FANGS PLUS Steering add-on for Yamaha.


Cobra AK FANGS for MAGNUM AK Series Steering for Yamaha
Cobra Venom EZ-Locks Our special model-specific system for Yamaha 21 & 24-foot articulating keel boats equipped with Cobra MAGNUM AK and SUPER MAGNUM AK Steering
  - Works on all 21 & 24-foot Yamaha jet boats equipped with the factory articulating keel system and our Cobra MAGNUM AK or SUPER MAGNUM AK Steering
  - Mounted forward of the nozzle pivot point to provide a "power steering" effect.
  - Improves steering control in reverse by directing water and keeping it under the boat.
Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra Venom FANGS - MAGNUM AK Series Steering add-on for Yamaha.


Cobra EZ-Locks for Yamaha
Cobra Venom EZ-Locks The simple, easy to use, and inexpensive way to stop cleanout plug blowouts.
  - Works on YAMAHA single and twin-engine jet boats built between 2000 and 2016.
  - COBRA EZ-Lock is a specially designed stainless steel spring pin system that "locks" the arms of the plug's latch mechanism in the "down" position to prevent dangerous and expensive unexpected cleanout plug blowout.
Click here for more info or to purchase your Cobra EZ-Locks.


AK Stand-alone tie rod kit
AK Stand-alone tie rod kit

CJS stainless steel adjustable tie rod kit for all 21 and 24 foot Yamaha articulating keel jet boats.

Balance your steering by adding a second tie rod to share the work and even out the wear on your steering cables and helm as well as adding redundancy to you system like we do with our AK steering systems.  Stand-alone tie rod set includes necessary stainless steel hardware.

Click here for more info or to purchase your AK Stand-alone tie rod kit.


If you don't find the product you are looking for, are not sure which product you need, have a boat not mentioned above, or would simply like more information, please contact me at or (727) 546-8460.