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Cobra Jet Steering FAQ


If you don't find the product you are looking for, are not sure which product you need, or would simply like more information, please contact me at or (727) 546-8460.


Question:  Will adding your steering to my boat or PWC void my factory warranty?

Answer:  Simply put NO! we have thousands of installations on boats and p w c's with factory warranties  with no issues .Actually one manufacturer explained it simply, they consider the fins on the nozzle to be similar to adding the fins to a lower unit of an outboard engine no warranty issues in their opinion.


Question: Are there any other benefits I can expect from this steering?

Answer: Yes! Increased retail value of your watercraft. From my own experience I have sold numerous jet skis that were equipped with my steering. Each time a perspective customer test drove the jet ski before discussing price they purchased it even when I refused to lower the asking price. I did notice however, that just telling them about the steering did not have the same effect, but once they actually tried it out they were sold.


Question: Will I experience any loss of speed at top end when using this steering system?

Answer:  No, we tested speeds using a GPS.


Question:  Do you have any steering available for Yamaha jet boats?

Answer:  Yes, I have in excess of 9000 Yamaha jet boat customers and numerous dealers that carry this system.                          


Question:  Do you have a system for Polaris and other jet boats that use the Mercury engine and jet pump?

Answer:  Yes, I do and I have sold quite a few of those, even though the mercury jet itself is no longer being manufactured,, I also make a set for the older sport jet mercury force 90 and 120 hp jet pumps.


Question:  Do you have a warranty on your products?

Answer:  Yes, we have our PRODUCT PROTECTION PLAN for COBRA JET STEERING units.  Read more about this unique plan, as well as our 30 DAY GUARANTEE on our Customer Service page.