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Cobra Jet Steering FAQ


If you don't find the product you are looking for, are not sure which product you need, or would simply like more information, please contact me at or (727) 546-8460.


Question:  Do you have any steering available for Yamaha jet boats?

Answer:  Yes, I have in excess of 10,000 Yamaha jet boat customers.  We offer a variety of systems and upgrades for the earliest Yamaha jet boats up to and including the new 2019 models.  We also have model specific systems and upgrades as well like the Mega Fangs Plus and the AK Fangs.                          


Question: Are there any other benefits I can expect from this steering?

Answer: Over the years we have focused on making steering systems that will allow you to relax while operating the jet boat.  Our systems also allow you to have guest operators with no jet boat experience feel a lot more comfortable while driving.  The boat will have more control in off-power and rapid deceleration situations.  You will feel comfortable participating in water sports, skiing, wake boarding, or tubing behind the boat.  You will also have a lot more control at high speed with faster response to the helm and less speed bleed off during turns.  Handling rough conditions in waves and wind as well as heavy boat traffic areas will be much more predictable because the boat will respond to the helm predictably and instantly.


Question: Will I experience any loss of speed at top end when using this steering system?

Answer:  No noticeable loss of speed was observed when we tested speeds using a GPS.  Boat speeds are affected by many factors like water and air temperature and conditions.  Keep in mind that most of the fin surfaces that are deployed at planing speed are actually not making contact with the water.  When the boat is on plane, usually the part of the steering fins that are in contact with the water begin about 1 inch below the nozzle, meaning the majority of the fins are only in contact with the water when the boat is off plane as the hull is sitting lower in the water.  This provides you with the maximum control in idle and no wake areas, for docking or loading the boat on a trailer,etc., both in forward and reverse wher the boat needs that maximum amount of assistance in steering control.  Once the boat reaches planing speeds it still requires steering assistance to obtain all the improvements in high speed handling that you enjoy from the system without adding more than you actually need.  Most systems allow you to select that amount. 


Question:  Do you have a system for Polaris, Sea Doo and other jet boats that use the Mercury V6 engine and jet pump?

Answer:  Yes, I do, even though the Mercury jet itself is no longer being manufactured.  It can be found HERE.  I also custom make a set for the older Sport Jet Mercury Force 90 and 120 hp jet pumps.  Details can be found HERE.


Question:  Do you have steering for the newer Sea Doo 4 TEC, Scarab, Chaparral, and Glastron jet boats that use the Sea Doo 4 TEC engines and pumps in both single and twin eninge setups?
Answer:  Yes, I do.  I have been making these systems for many years.  All the manufacturers use the same pumps so one system works for any of those boats.  The 4TEC system can be found HERE.


Question:  Do you have a warranty on your products?

Answer:  Yes, we have our PRODUCT PROTECTION PLAN for COBRA JET STEERING units.  Read more about this unique plan, as well as our 30 DAY GUARANTEE on our Customer Service page.