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Cobra Super MAGNUM AK Series for Yamaha Articulating Keel Boats

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MSRP: $419.00

CJS Direct Discounted Price $359.99

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Twin-Engine: $419.00

CJS Direct Discount Price: 
   -- Twin-Engine: $359.99
   -- Twin-Engine w/Mega Fang Plus Upgrade: $579.99

Our new adjustable Cobra Super MAGNUM AK Series steering for Yamaha Articulating Keel jet boats.  For Twin-Engine 21-foot and 24-foot boats with the articulating keel ONLY!  Fits model years 2015 - 2018. 

(2019 models require the Magnum AK-19 system)

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Super Magnum AK with Mega Fangs Plus on 21 foot boat

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  • Cobra Venom Magnum AK Series steering installed.
  • Additional tie rod spreads force between both nozzles and reduces stress on components
  • Cobra Venom Magnum AK Series steering installed.
  • Super Magnum AK with Mega Fangs Plus on 21 foot boat

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MSRP: $419.00

CJS Direct Discount Price: $359.99


COBRA SUPER MAGNUM AK Series steering was specially designed for the 21 and 24 foot Articulating Keel Yamaha Jet Boats ONLY.  For other Yamaha Jet Boats we recommend the Cobra SUPER ULTIMATE Steering system.

The system was specifically designed to provide a balanced, clean looking, and effective steering enhancement for your model year 2015 through 2018 Yamaha 21 and 24 foot jet boat with an articulating keel.  2019 models require the Magnum AK-19 Steering System.

Having a keel on the bottom of a jet boat has a tendency to make the boat resist responding instantly to steering input, even with the addition of the rudder at the end of the keel.  This unfavorable tendency increases as the speed of the boat increases.

Our model specific steering system addresses this lack of response to the helm.  It is also adjustable to allow you to set the correct amount of influence for your personal preference.

Our "V" configuration of steering influence compliments the factory rudder with two of our SUPER MAGNUM steering fins attached to the outside of each nozzle to greatly improve your boat's handling and your boating experience.

We also improved on the original factory design by adding a second tie-rod to the left side nozzle for a balanced and even distribution of the workload that both pushes and pulls the rudder from either side to prevent uneven wear on the right side nozzle and steering cable.  To view the easy bolt-on installation process, see the video included with the product pictures above.


And you can also add our new COBRA FANGS upgrade for the VENOM MAGNUM AK Series steering system for added reverse control and a power steering effect.


Or, you can now max it out with the new MAGNUM AK MEGA FANG PLUS System.  This system gives you the most reverse control from TWO MEGA FANG PLUS fins mounted on each nozzle to direct the flow of water exiting the reverse chamber of the nozzle, providing maximum steering control when in reverse, and improving the stopping ability of your jet boat when you need it.  Also with the twin FANG per nozzle MEGA FANG PLUS setup you will experience more power steering at speed and super steering response at all speeds, even at the fastest speeds where the keel tries to override the steering input on stock boats.  The MEGA FANG PLUS system provides the MAXIMUM EFFECT in forward and reverse, high speed or slow speed when coupled with the MAGNUM AK Steering System.  


This steering system comes as our latest SUPER MAGNUM version.  The Super Magnum fins have additional influence at low speed and no-wake mode for more control in both forward and reverse.  This is accomplished by adding more surface area to the top portion of the fins only.  Simply put, when the boat is up on plane, even if you fins are in the full-time mode the top of hte fins are above the water and only the lower portion of the fins are making contact with the water providing steering assitance.

By increasing the surface area on top and the back of the fins, once the boat comes off plane the hull sits lower in the water and the entire fin is now making contact with the water allowing the additional surface area at the top of the fin to apply the additional steering influence to the boat without increasing the draft of the fins.  This is always important, especially on a single engine boat as the pump is the lowest point of the hull. 

All Cobra Jet Steering systems are protected by one or more of the following U.S. Patents: 6561858, 6702630, 8425269.  Additional patents pending.


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